Setting the standard for an enhanced
 learning environment.
  • well designed space
  • healthy air
  • advanced lighting
  • good acoustics
  • "green materials"

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Advantage Classroom
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A Leading Edge Learning Environment

Much has been written about what our nation's schools will be like as we enter the next century. The philosophy of design of school buildings is slowly developing from simply constructing a place to house students, to creating a supportive physical, psychological, and social environment that enhances students' performance. If the way schools are organized is changing, the way schools are planned and constructed must evolve as well.
The new Advantage ClassroomTM is the first of its kind to create a new environment for learning as a prototype for what is to come.
The idea is simple, really: bring together in one place at one time state of the art components that are:
Enhancements to the Educational Process
User Friendly
Cost Effective
Environmentally Friendly ("Green")
Energy Efficient


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 Licensing Info

I'm an Architect and I want to use this concept in one of my projects.
A unique collaboration of school administrators, educators, architects, engineers, construction managers, and product manufacturers worked together to make it happen.

The real challenge to such a progressive effort is the reality of budget constraints facing most School Districts. To discover all that can be accomplished is truly exciting.

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